#6 Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park was definitely a highlight of our first few weeks on the road. The fact that it is located on top of the world’s largest volcano, called Caldera and considered active, becomes very evident and real when faced with the geothermical curiousities such as Geysers and hot pools which appear in all imaginable colors. It’s just breathtakingly beautiful. Also, we’d probably all be dead if the volcano erupts.

Apparently, the colors are caused by different sorts of bacteria but they don’t really know much about them


Blue Pool in West Thumb Geyser Basin
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone


Old Faithful – the most reliable Geyser holding his word


Storm in Paradise. Or fire. Or both…


The park turned out to be very well frequented during the summer months. No lodging inside the park was available during our days there. Not even a slot on one of the many campgrounds. Having no other option, we decided to stay in towns nearby the park. We stayed in reasonably priced Hotels and Motels in Greybull WY and Gardiner MO. Greybull is a tiny town about an hour and a half east of the park. We enjoyed the town’s best burgers in the Smokehouse Saloon and spent the night in a cabin for $32 per couple. Such a cool place.


For some more information on Yellowstone, check out this Wikipedia article. Definitely worth a read.

2 thoughts on “#6 Yellowstone National Park

  1. Very nice guys! What an amazing experience! I can see you are making the most of it 🙂 have fun and keep us posted xx
    The Kuhns 🙂

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