What’s FarawayTravelz?


We are Barbara and David and FarawayTravelz is our travel blog. Because life is short and all that we decided that this would be a great time to drop out of our normal lives and appreciate what the world has to offer. So we left our jobs, our cosy home, our dear friends and family behind and bought a one-way ticket to Boston.

We don’t know exactly where the next months are going take us and we don’t want to know yet. We also don’t have a date to return. Might be in a year, might be longer. We’ll see.

We start out our adventure together with our good friends Marco and Olesya, a great couple who we have been friends with for quite some time now. We will definitely travel together for three months. After that, who knows.

The blog is mainly thought to serve as a form of diary and a platform to provide our friends and family with impressions of our travels and updates of our whereabouts. Additionally, we might also sneak in one or the other recommendation for people going to these places in the future. We are not writing another tourist guide though. If you would like to know something, just drop us a line, we’ll be happy to answer.

We hope you enjoy it. Leave us comments about what you think and of course let us know if you have any suggestions on what to see or do in the “coming up next” section.

See you around!

Barbara and David

3 thoughts on “What’s FarawayTravelz?

  1. Boa ideia, precisamos do canal de youtube!
    We make excuses not to chase our dreams, great thing you guys worked hard to make dreams possible and are now on the road. The memories will be incredible. I’m so happy we can find out what you are up to through here.


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