#43 Baltimore & Washington DC – Monumental America

I don’t know for how many years Barbara wanted us to go visit her cousin Bruna in Baltimore, Maryland. Now this time, it just seemed perfect and after a few days in New York, we sat in a Greyhound bus for three hours and drove down there. It was late when we got to their place, but early enough for a few beers with Bruna and her husband Berke.

The next day, I went out on my own to explore the centre of Baltimore on foot. Honestly, I had no expectations and was positively surprised by what I saw. A calm harbour area with shops, restaurants and several bars surrounded by a busier office and financial district. Walking around Federal Hill, close to where Bruna lives, was very nice, too. It was high time for me to get a haircut as I had my last one in Brazil a few months ago, and so I walked into a mom and pop’s barber shop where two elderly Chinese ladies served their clientele.

Baltimore Harbour
Harbour area
Pastramy sandwich
around Federal Hill

In the evening, Bruna took us downtown and we went for drinks in The Horse You Came In On, the bar where Edgar Allan Poe was seen for the last time before he was found delirious and brought to a hospital where he died a mysterious death the same night.

The Horse You Came In On
Bruna and Barbara


Baltimore sunset

The morning after, we took a train to Washington DC. As a House Of Cards fan, I was excited to see all the buildings shown in the opening credits of the show. Barbara has seen it before, but I guess the National Mall with all its government buildings, museums and memorials never fails to impress.

The Capitol


Reflecting Pool and Washington Monument



World War II Memorial
Korean War Veterans Memorial
Washington Monument
The White House
Jefferson Memorial


One thought on “#43 Baltimore & Washington DC – Monumental America

  1. Big monuments and some history. What matters most though is meeting family and friends and making memories.


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