#42 New York N°1 – Time with friends

On April 8th, we packed our bags for the last time in South America. A long trip awaited us. Three flights and about thirty hours later we reached our destination, New York. We had ten eventful days in front of us: Surprise our friends Daniela and Christopher from Zurich who were in the city and had no idea that we would be coming, visit Barbara’s cousin Bruna in Baltimore, drop by Washington DC, celebrate Barbara’s birthday and last but not least, visit Barbara’s host family from back when she was an au pair twelve years ago.

Let’s start at the beginning. From lively chatting on Whatsapp, we knew that Daniela and Christopher were in New York since several days, together with Christopher’s mom. We also knew that they had planned to go on a walking tour in Harlem the next morning. I did some research online and although there were several tours, I had a good feeling that we picked the right one. So, Barbara and I grabbed a coffee and headed up north to Harlem. Exiting the metro, we already saw the walking tour group assembled at a street corner and luckily, our friends were standing right there with the group. We walked up on them from the back, tapped their shoulders simultaneously and once they turned around we asked in English “Is this the Harlem walking tour?”. Not recognising us immediately Christopher answered “Yes, it is” when they finally caught on to what just happened. I guess it’s fair to say that the surprise worked out perfectly.




Christopher and I went on to follow the walking tour together with his mother. The girls were too excited about the reunion and couldn’t focus on the guide, so they abandoned the tour and went for a coffee to chat away.



Later we had a lovely lunch in Maison Harlem. Christopher and I had no other choice than to try their burger. In the late afternoon, we enjoyed a drink 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar with a great view over midtown Manhattan. When hunger stroke, the ladies felt that a salad would be the right thing for them. The boys disagreed. Clearly, the right thing was steak, a really good steak. I took Christopher to Gallagher’s Steakhouse. And sure enough, it didn’t disappoint.

Maison Harlem
Pop’s Barbershop – Luke Cage
230 Fifth Rooftop Bar
Steaks at Gallagher’s

The next day, our friends flew back to Zurich. It was so good to see them, even if it was only for one and a half days.
Barbara and I had a Greyhound to Baltimore scheduled in the evening of the day after, so we had a little time to stroll around the city, revisit some of our favourite spots and go on a river cruise around Manhattan.

Statue of Liberty
NYC Skyline
Skyline with Brooklyn Bridge


Times Square by night
grab’em m&m’s!

4 thoughts on “#42 New York N°1 – Time with friends

  1. How cool. I can only imagine your friends’ surprise 🙂
    Salad? Nah, steak every time! Or m&m of course.
    Too bad your travels to places where work takes me isn’t coinciding with my roster as well…


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