#15 Maui – To Hana and beyond

Maui was a quick visit for us, we only had two days to see what we wanted. Clearly, that’s not enough time to do The Valley Isle justice. We tried anyway. On the day of our arrival we drove up the westcoast and paid a rather quick visit to the Maui Outlets and then made our way along Kahekili Highway. The super narrow street, at many times only one lane, is a fun and gorgeous drive along the coast featuring valleys, steep cliffs, the Nakelele Blowhole and more. Oh yeah, and of course you need a sweet ride for all that.


For dinner we stopped in Paia, a small town with a few streets full of shops, bars and restaurants. We were happy to get out of Kahului, a less than nice place hard to imagine on an island like Maui. Our bellies filled with gluten free Pizzas and ice cream we strolled along the closing businesses. Coming along what’s depicted below, we couldn’t help thinking about a TV series that has quickly become a classic. Anyone?

What’s cooking?

Prices on Maui are no joke and we decided to spend the two nights there in a hostel. Bunk beds don’t quite offer a lot of room for personal belongings and so we decided to leave our stuff in the car and take just a new set of clothes, the toothbrush and the cellphone chargers into our dorms.

For the second day, the Road to Hana was the obvious choice for a one day adventure that should allow us to explore some of the island’s most beautiful spots. This scenic drive takes you from Kahului to Hana and offers about a thousand and one opportunities to stop and take in incredible views, walk to pristine beaches or hike to see waterfalls. So we knew it was gonna be a long day and we got an early rise. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t share our idea of the perfect day and clouds and rain were on and off for the whole afternoon. While Hana itself is somewhat of a disappointment after you spent the last five hours or so driving there, the road doesn’t actually end there and it’s totally worth driving the other 105km and finish the loop. Before the landscape changes completely from lush tropical forests to barren valleys and lowlands, there are still a bunch of beaches and waterfalls that are well worth a stop. I swear I could bore you with the names and explanations of all the places but there are better websites for that, just go check them out if you crave for more information on a specific spot.


Nakelele Blowhole







Without having to do a lot of packing we headed to the airport on day three and eagerly awaited our flight to Kauai. The weather forecast was very poor with thick clouds and a lot of rain, but let’s see how it turns out…

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