#8 Vancouver Island – Victoria and Nanaimo

We had only three days for the whole island; definitely not enough to discover all it had to offer but good enough to enjoy some time in Victoria, British Columbia’s capital rich with it’s imperial English heritage.


Victoria Downtown

Victoria Parliamant
When do you ever get to eat delicious fresh oysters for half a dollar a pop? – Friday’s at “The Docks”


The same day we arrived Marco found a beautiful sunset whalewatching tour which still had a few slots available. With the wind in 0ur faces we went on to observe hump backs, orcas, sea lions ans seals. An amazing sunset made this experience even more special.







On day number three we took a greyhound bus and drove four and a half hours up north to Nanaimo, the island’s second biggest city. Besides a cute little harbour and a small promenade with a few bars and restaurants the city doesn’t have much to show for.



Early next morning we headed to the ferry terminal. A one and a half hour ferry ride and a 50 min. bus ride later we were back in Vancouver, Canada Place to be exact, which is where we boarded our cruise ship to Alaska, the Ms Zaandam of Holland America.
Stay tuned….


One thought on “#8 Vancouver Island – Victoria and Nanaimo

  1. Awesome! Those whales! Just wow. The oysters looked yummy.
    Now, for the bit I’m most looking forward to reading about and seeing pictures of: your voyage to Alaska on a cruise ship… ENJOY!


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