#4 South Dakota N°1 – Karaoke in the Wild West

After Cleveland OH and Chicago IL we were ready to make our way through the Wild West. On the way to Rapid City SD we visited and had overnight stays in Des Moines IA (nice), Omaha NE (cute) and Sioux Falls (nothing to see here, not even the Falls, but we watched a local baseball game so it was kinda cool).



In Switzerland we are used to hills or mountains everywhere, towns and cities in the middle etc. Now try to imagine a terrain so open and plane that you could see for what feels like hundreds of kilometers. Nothing obstructs your view until the horizon disappears in the endless. A great place to put some things of your life in perspective and reflect on some other things. Maybe not on the freeway though. And we wanted to see the Badlands so there was limited time for spiritual wanderlust at that moment. The Badlands National Park is a strange place, beautiful, but weird. Some of the most peculiar rockformations and sediment layers around 500 thousand years old…ah, who am I kidding? I don’t know squat about that stuff. Just look at the pictures.






We spent the night in Rapid City or more specific in a bar called Cheers. After some responsible drinking we drank a bit more and started to participate in the ongoing Karaoke night. The result wasn’t pretty and people had a hard time ignoring Marco’s and my interpretation of Imagine Dragons’ “Demons”. We made sure there are no recordings of our performance out there. We also met Ron, a very nice guy who loved to sing Johnny Cash songs (sorry Ron, I have no idea whatsoever who the other artists were).

South Dakota isn’t a big state, but it certainly has something to offer when it comes to nature. Also see our next post #5 South Dakota 2 – Hard-Heads for some more South Dakodaah.

3 thoughts on “#4 South Dakota N°1 – Karaoke in the Wild West

  1. Sioux Falls – you have to watch Fargo, when you come back. And I believe there might be some videos of you guys. (Barbara, waiting for a Whatsapp message)


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